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Washington Irving: Bracebridge Hall, Tales of the Traveller, The Alhambra (slipcased edition)

A divinity student spends the night in a graveyard to confirm or disprove reports of a ghost there in this tale that offers plenty of history on believing in ghosts along with a sermon on the subject. An especially determined ghost hunter witnesses a scene more ghastly than ghostly.

In search of a livelihood, Huwald has a dream that leads him to employment at a house with a strange history and a foreboding yet intriguing room. Basford, a Quaker, faces a moral dilemma after probing the mystery of an allegedly haunted room at a farmhouse.

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An unnamed narrator investigates a house in Henry S. The sentimental far outweighs the supernatural as a boy and his friends look into reports of strange sightings at a house reputed to be haunted, only to stumble upon a stormy romance. An unnamed narrator investigates a house in William S. A medical student inherits a Virginia house reputed to be haunted. Two ghost hunters meet mysterious fates before the narrator finally unravels the haunting. A frontiersman known for his unwavering bravery visits Alabama, where he agrees to spend the night in a haunted room — and there, he learns what fear is.

Read about this story and one that mirrors it, T.

Knight is similar to a later character created by Gelett Burgess. See below. Gerrish and A. Wynter Knight. Berrington investigates a house in M. Two seminary students, seeking adventure, explore Perley Hall for alleged phantoms and stumble upon a different mystery. To win a box of cigars, Glossop endures a night not quite alone in the title tower.

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  2. Irving, Washington (), author | American National Biography;
  3. Gelagestunde: Ungereimte Alltäglichkeiten (German Edition).
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When Maggie inspires a jolly group to spend the night in reputedly haunted Leslie House, the lark turns tragic. An unnamed narrator investigates a house in Arthur L. The narrator investigates a house where a bloodstain resumes its red color when ghosts walk. He quickly learns that paint accounts for the color — but who painted it? One of the rare female ghost hunters loses her husband and, to provide for her baby, accepts a lucrative challenge to spend a month in haunted Fargate House.

Are the phantoms she witnesses there products of the house — or of her mind? Despite an appearance of the titular figure, the adventure leads to a conventional solution. Ned investigates a room in E. While on a walk, a divinity student is intrigued by a house he discovers and comes to learn the guilty secrets that haunt it.

Superintendent Pryse and Captain Glyn investigate a. Gwynant Bridge is said to be haunted. Glyn thinks it might be while Pryse is doubtful. Rip Van Winkle again, i think Irving gives insight into how a lot of history has unfolded and how certain myths and legends propagate down the timeline. Rip was a happy-go-lucky fellow, well-liked by most in his village but thought of as a sort of listless and lazy mooch.

The postscript fervently affirms that Rip's tale is real largely due to one Diederich Knickerbocker's impression of Rip's clarity of mind despite the changes to his story Irving carefully notes earlier in the story and a "certificate" signed and crossed before a county court. World's Best Reading. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

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Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 5 63, 4. Both are included - along with many other tales - in this classic collection by Washington Irving. No current Talk conversations about this book. An intriguing collection with an interesting set of narrative structure behind the stories. DanielSTJ May 5, Simply classic! TheReadingMermaid Oct 4, Harrod Dec 6, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is my favorite in this book, but all the stories are fun to read as a picture of life in early America.

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You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Reader's Digest World's Best Reading They include "Dolph Heyliger," the story of a New Yorker who encounters a haunted house, ghosts, and a buried treasure, and its famous sequel, "The Storm Ship," an American version of the legend of the Flying Dutchman. Tales of a Traveller , written after a year-long stay in Germany, is a pivotal work in Irving's career, marking his last experiment with fiction before he turned to the writing of history, biography, and adaptation of folktales.

Irving felt his new stories to be "some of the best things I have ever written. They may not be as highly finished as some of my former writings, but they are touched off with a freer spirit, and are more true to life.

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The first three groups of stories have a European background, while the final five stories, supposedly "found among the papers of the late Diedrich Knickerbocker," are set in New York and feature pirates and buried treasure. The Alhambra was inspired by Irving's stay during the spring and summer of at the ancient Moorish palace in Granada, which he called "one of the most remarkable, romantic, and delicious spots in the world. The forty-nine pieces range from stories based on Granada's colorful history to graceful vignettes of its contemporary scene, from romantic descriptions of the local architecture and terrain to medieval tales of the supernatural.

Andrew B.

Myers — , volume editor, was an Irving scholar, and was professor of English at Fordham University. Qty: Add to Cart.